My life is the worst kind of superhero story. The girl dies, and the hero is actually the bad guy.

All I do is let people down.

when she touched him,
he turned ruby red,
a story that they’ll never forget,
never forget

1.09 Home

Just love the way Sam leaning weakly against Dean.

xanodite replied to your post “hi does anyone wanna do the arpee”
I read wanna do the arpee as something completely different goodbye friend I am gone.

what do u mean something completely different

                    I’m not touching that.

hi does anyone wanna do the arpee




          [ it’s a damn kid. never, in sam’s life, have these situations ended well. he shifts, sliding his hands into his pockets. ]


                    Okay. So what is it?


                       She didn’t really have an explanation for this.
                       Well      not one that a normal person would believe.

                                     “That depends… What do you think it is?”

          [ be nice, sam. he crosses his arms over his chest, eyebrow raised, lips screwed into an amused smirk he’s trying to hide. ]

                    Looks like a pretty grand tea party, to me.


Clarice Lispector, A Hora Da Estrela